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INVESTMENT CASTING VS. SAND CASTING Sand castings are made by creating a negative in a bed of sand to create the cavity for casting. A sand shell creates a rough exterior to castings. Typical surface finish of sand castings are 250 Ra as cast, and need extensive work afterwards to create a surface finish that [...]

(1) Stainless steel casting design drawing. The casting drawing must be correct. The dimensions and mark must be complete. It is necessary negotiate with the users to modify the casting drawings with the agreement, and use the revised drawings as the design basis. (2) Technical requirements for stainless steel casting parts. Including metal grades, metallurgical [...]

The lost wax casting mold is used to obtain the structural shape of the part. It is made of other easily-formable materials in advance to form the structure of the part. Then the stainless steel casting mold is placed in the sand mold, so that a cavity of the same size as the part structure [...]

The stainless steel molding is based on the requirements of the casting process and is based on the determination of the molding method and the preparation of the molding material. The accuracy of investment castings and the economics of the entire production process depend primarily on this process. In many modern foundry workshops, modeling and [...]

Fast melting, by using the spectrometer to ensure an accurate chemical composition.

After the precision castings are taken out of the casting mold, they have gates, risers, metal burrs, and crevices. The castings in the lost wax casting also adhere to the sand, so they must go through the casting cleaning process. The equipment that performs this kind of work includes grinding machine, shot blasting machine, pouring [...]

Different material using different heat treatment process to assure a strong mechanical property, then sand blast and acid passivation after the casting products cooling down.

Strictly control each part’s accuracy by most precise machining according to customer’s requirements.

Stainless steel casting meat grinder/mincer spare parts for commercial/kitchenaid meat processing equipment; Application: stainless steel manual ,hand or electric meat grinder ; Made by silica sol lost wax precision casting foundry SS 304/316/316L/316Ti Stainless. Dimensions or as requirement: 3/8″ plate and appropriate cutting knife. Dimensions: 9 1/2″ L x 5″ W x 7 1/4″ H [...]