Cockspur Window Handle Series

601 aluminum cockspur door or window handle
602 aluminum cockspur door or window handles
604 aluminum cockspur door or window handles
605 aluminum cockspur door or window handles

Model 601 602 604 605
Backset 6.5mm 6.5mm 6mm 5.5mm
Screw fixing spacing 35mm 37mm between inner -56mm outer 43.5mm 35mm
Feature aluminum cockspur door or window handles

Ergonomic design for comfort

Positive stop on offset espagnolette and cockspur to ensure accurate in-line closure

Key dead locking for added safety & security

Push to unlatch mechanism

Keys are not supplied with these handles. They will operate without a key. The handles lock automatically. To release them, push the black button then turn the handle.

Material Zinc alloy, with the advantages of precision, quality, and repeat performance.
Surface Even, Durable, Shinny Finish by Powder Coating or Chrome finish.
Color White, Black, Gold, Silver or as per request.
Application Cockspur aluminium window handles are handles with a spur. Cockspur handles for aluminum windows are often found on older type windows which do not have an internal mechanism to secure the window; cockspurs are also found on windows which have a slim frame such as caravans or mobile homes. The aluminium window handle locks by means of a spur (little triangle bit) pulling up against a plastic wedge that is found on the window frame.
Delivery time Immediately Delivery for inventory, no minimum order quantity. 25-30 days Delivery Time for order in bulk. Sea Shipping & Air Shipping available, depending on quantity and time limit.
Payment Bank T/T, PayPal or Credit Card payment online.

Download Cockspur Window Handle Drawing:
Window Handle 601
Window Handle 602
Window Handle 604
Window Handle 605