Sliding Window Roller Series

915 aluminum and steel sliding window roller wheel
922 Sliding Window Rollers
923 Sliding Window Rollers
933 Sliding Window Rollers

Model 915 922 923 933
Frame Size 68x24x20mm 80×24.2×32.5mm 80×24.2×32.5mm Slot width: 23.2mm
Wheel Single Double Double Double
Operational life Proven 50,000 cycle guarantee & Improved weather sealing.
Material Aluminum alloy Stainless steel 202
Application Aluminum and steel sliding window roller wheels are designed as a universal product and will fit in most types of aluminum inline sliding patio doors.
Delivery time Immediately Delivery for inventory, no minimum order quantity. 25-30 days Delivery Time for order in bulk. Sea Shipping & Air Shipping available, depending on quantity and time limit.
Payment Bank T/T, PayPal or Credit Card payment online.