Stainless steel casting design

(1) Stainless steel casting design drawing. The casting drawing must be correct. The dimensions and mark must be complete.
It is necessary negotiate with the users to modify the casting drawings with the agreement, and use the revised drawings as the design basis.
(2) Technical requirements for stainless steel casting parts. Including metal grades, metallurgical structure, mechanical properties, casting size and weight tolerances and other special performance requirements, such as whether the water pressure or pressure test, the working conditions of the parts on the machine, etc., should be considered in the design of the casting process.
(3) Stainless steel casting product volume and production period. For large-volume products, advanced production processes should be used as much as possible to ensure quality and meet deadlines. For emergency single-products, consideration should be given to making the process equipment as simple as possible in order to shorten the production cycle and obtain greater economic benefits.